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Please take a few moments to read the entire page and email with any questions not answered here.


How do I reserve/hold a puppy by PayPal? fee/reservation on a specific puppy. Please note other options are available for processing holding fee. Venmo, Zelle, Messenger pay, etc. (VENMO OR ZELLE PREFERRED)

Please send an email or text request. I answer with the purchase agreement attached; pick up dates noted when puppies go to their forever homes, after completion of the weaning process, beginning at 8 weeks of age. The buyer (person who sends/places the PayPal holding fee) signs the purchase agreement with an actual signature, emails it back as well as their non-refundable $300 PayPal holding fee. The holding fee is credited towards the purchase price of the puppy. If you have any questions about our puppy guarantee or holding fee(s) please ask before placing a PayPal holding fee. We have a "PayPal" tab, where buyers place their holding fee/reservation on a specific puppy.Please note other options are available for processing holding fee. Venmo,Zelle, Messenger pay, etc. 


What steps are required to reserve a specific puppy out of a litter?

When litter information is posted, buyer sends an email requesting puppies in order of their choice. An example of an email from a buyer would be the following: "I would like to reserve a puppy from Gaya & Anubis's litter. My 1st choice is Leo, second choice is Lincoln, third choice is Lucy".  I then email the Purchase Agreement with the tentative pick up date listed (a weekend, Saturday/Sunday after the puppy has turned 8 weeks old and is completely weaned-the same tentative date posted on the litters' webpage). Buyer signs the Purchase Agreement, emails it back to me and places their holding fee at that time. A clear cell phone photo of the 2 page signed purchase agreement image is acceptable and may be sent in an email (no texts). Puppies are old enough to go to their new families at 8 weeks of age. At that time, buyer picks up their puppy in person, at Broken Bow, OK. Delivery options are available for an additional fee, that is paid when the puppy is delivered to you.

We do not hold puppies without a holding fee once their announcement is posted. Please be aware when inquiring on any puppy listed as "Available", we are often times replying to other inquiries on the same puppy. Confirm with us a puppy is available, and we will email the purchase agreement. Once we receive the signed purchase agreement, Buyer places their $300 PayPal holding fee to hold that specific puppy. The remaining balance is due in "Cash Only" (no checks) at the time of puppy pick up. We reserve the right to refuse the sale of any puppy. If we do so, the holding fee would be promptly refunded.

Should a Buyer place a holding fee with us in turn holding a puppy until the mutually agreed upon pick up date, then Buyer ignores pick up appointment or informs us they are unable to pick up their puppy, the holding fee(s) would be forfeited.  

Due to the volume of inquiries we receive on a daily basis, Texts or e-mails are my preferred method of contact as I am able to sort through them. I return phone calls M-F from 6PM-9PM, in the order they are received. I accept and return calls during the weekends, 9AM-9PM when available, between meeting with Buyers. If I do not answer my phone, I am more than likely attending to our dogs and puppies. Please send a text 580-236-1400 and I will reply as soon as possible.

What payment method do you prefer, at the time of puppy pick up?

WE Prefer to settle payments before time for pickup. But if the new owner prefers to pay at pickup We accept "Cash Only" at the time of puppy pick up (no checks). We do not accept PayPal at the time of puppy pickup due to lack of cell phone coverage for some, in our rural area.

What does a puppy package include?

* 1 year Genetic Health Guarantee

* Vet Exam/Health Certificate                

* Shot Record; Vet Recommended Age Appropriate Vaccinations, 4 Dewormings, Prophylactic Parasite Prevention & Protocol 

* Microchip

* Toys


How tall are the parents? How tall will my puppy be at adulthood?

The parents heights range from 10" to 12" tall. Puppy heights will fall in the same ranges as well, at adulthood.

When and where do we meet to pick up our puppy?

Pratt Veterinarian Services located at 2668 South Park Drive, Broken Bow, OK 74728 is where we meet buyers during scheduled pick up times. With notice, we can schedule a weekday pickup and meet you. Puppies are veterinarian checked @ 6-8 weeks of age, and come with a copy of their vet issued health certificate. The name and address of the buyer who places the holding fee will be the person listed on the veterinarian issued health certificate. Let us know in advance (when you place the PayPal holding fee) if this is NOT the same person who will be flying home with the puppy or if you want 2 names on the health certificate, in case one or the other is not available when puppy pick up day arrives! Reason being, some airlines will ask for the health certificate & passengers ID prior to boarding the plane. The name (or one of the two names) on the health cert and the passenger ID must match! Also, the health certificate cannot be older than 10 days for the airlines to accept it.

We do not carry commercial liability insurance. Our homeowners insurance policy forbids the sale of puppies/buyers from purchasing/picking up their puppy at our home. Therefore, we do not conduct "kennel" tours, allowing the public onto our property and into our home. Our licensed veterinarian & staff come to our home for an annual kennel inspection.

Our hobby requires a significant amount of uninterrupted time for daily attention; cleaning and preventive measures to properly care and manage their health.


What is the difference between a Jack Russell Terrier and a Russell Terrier?

Throughout the rest of the kennel club world in Europe, Asia, Australia and New Zealand, this breed is known as the Jack Russell Terrier. In the USA, it is known as the Russell Terrier both in the AKC and in the UKC. Although the country of origin of this little terrier is England, Australia was the first country to officially recognize and register the 10" to 12" shorter, more rectangular Jack Russell Terrier. Kudos to all the dedicated Australian breeders for recognizing the distinctive qualities in the Russell Terrier and for nurturing, developing and promoting the breed.

There is so much confusion among the general public regarding the difference between a Parson Russell and a Jack Russell or Russell Terrier. Although the two breeds are reputed to have historically originated in England from the working kennel of the Reverend John Russell, after Russell's death, two distinct varieties emerged with differences mainly in height and in proportion. The Parson Russell Terrier is a taller, leggier terrier that appears approximately square standing between 12" and 15" at the withers. The Jack Russell Terrier, or Russell Terrier as he is known in the USA, stands between 10" to 12" and is slightly longer than he is tall, giving an overall rectangular appearance. his depth of body from withers to brisket is equal to the length of his leg from the elbow to the ground. The Russell Terrier is not an American invention. Do not be fooled by those who do not register with world wide recognized registries such as the American Kennel Club and United Kennel Club.

They do not come from recently developed "shorties", but rather carry numerous generations of documented, registered, champion ancestors from Australia, the country of development, and England, the country of origin. There is no shortcut to breeding dogs of exceptional quality with generations of champions in their pedigrees and are healthy, temperamentally sound dogs that make loving pets as well as top show dogs. Blood tells, and extensive pedigrees of proven quality insures that we are producing pups of notable, long-standing heritage. Some mistake the shorter legged Russell Terrier to be a terrier with Queen Anne legs; very short legs and very long back. This couldn't be more incorrect. This breed is NOT what is known as a puddin. A puddin is NOT a Russell Terrier. A little terrier under 10" is NOT a Russell Terrier and does NOT come from quality Russell Terrier breeding stock. Do NOT be fooled into paying a large price for a pup from parents like the above. Many call these little dogs shorties or shorty Russells. Both the FCI and Australian breed standard call for a dog SLIGHTLY longer in body than he is tall. A Russell Terrier that is 2 inches longer or more than he is tall is incorrect, not desirable and is a fault. A Russell Terrier with VERY short, stubby legs is also incorrect, a fault and not desirable. 

Which U.S. Kennel Club Registries recognize the Russell Terrier?

The UKC first recognized and registered the short Jack Russell Terrier aka Russell Terrier on 01/01/2001, with the internationally accepted FCI breed standard. The UKC wisely changed the name of the breed to its proper, internationally accepted name of Jack Russell Terrier on 01/01/2009. The AKC began to include the Russell Terrier aka short legged Jack Russell Terrier into the Foundation Stock Service (FSS) in January 2006. The breed advanced quickly and entered full registration in the Terrier Group the end of June 2012.

Our own Russell Terriers are both FCI and AKC registered. All of our foundation adults are directly imported from Europe, by us and their European pedigrees denote them as Jack Russell Terriers. The American Kennel Club of America (AKC) does not recognize the term "Jack" Russell Terrier. Instead, their AKC registration reflects they are categorized as an AKC registered Russell Terrier. Ours are short legged and have rough or broken coats...yum!

How old are puppies when photos are posted and reservations with signed purchase agreements are accepted?

Puppies are reserved on a first come basis, once photos are posted. We post photos on the weekends. 


Are your dogs housed in an indoor commercial kennel?

We live on 15 fenced acres and our dogs are raised in a residential setting; they have free run secured and protected from the elements as well as from outdoor prey (coyotes). Our girls whelp their puppies in the privacy of our indoor nursery. Once puppies reach 4-6 weeks of age, they venture all over the place, supervised of course. Our dogs are family pets and accompany us on our daily walks. We really enjoy their company and they often join us on outings to the lake, where they are typically the center of attention....what a conversation piece!

How much do your puppies sell for? Do you accept PayPal, Venmo, Zelle, messenger cash, for the puppy holding fee?

Our European puppies are sold exclusively to families wanting them as a superior household pet and companion with or without breeding rights. Breeding rights cost more, with the price noted next to each puppy photo.

We have a PayPal page with link/button on our website. Option 1 is for reserving/holding 1 puppy, Option 2 is for reserving/holding 2 puppies.

You may also use Venmo, Zelle, messenger cash, or other options may be available after discussion and agreed upon by both parties, after confirming puppy availability.

Please confirm with us, current availability before placing a puppy holding fee via PayPal. We accept PayPal,Venmo, Zelle, messenger cash, once a potential puppy buyer signed purchase agreement has been received. We do not accept puppy holding fees in advance, before puppies are born, nor do we hold puppies without a holding fee. Once their litter announcement has been posted on our website, Puppy holding fees are non-refundable and are forfeited if a buyer were to change their mind or fail to follow through with the purchase of said puppy at the mutually agreed upon pick up date. Holding fees do not transfer over to another puppy in a future litter.

When do we get our puppy's AKC papers?

AKC registration papers are provided at the time of puppy pick up. 

Do you ship your puppies in cargo?

Due to USDA regulations prohibiting the purchase of puppies "sight unseen", we do not offer shipping. We DO offer Delivery options via "vehicle transport" by an outside private delivery buisness. For an added fee that is paid to them at the time of Delivery to you.


Buyers drive to Broken Bow, OK to pick up their puppy in person. Another option available; buyers fly to DFW International Airport in Dallas, TX and rent a car to drive the remaining way to us in Broken Bow, OK. We are approx. 3.5 hours one way, from DFW via the Sam Rayburn Turnpike.

Also, with advance notice, we can meet buyers at DFW for a considerable additional fee.

How do other breeders ship their puppies, when you do not?

It is our understanding, that breeders who are NOT classified as a "hobby" kennel (such as us, breeding only 1 breed of dog), meaning they have more than 10 breeding females, fall under the guidelines of USDA Inspections. Those large scale breeders have a duty to be inspected by the USDA and given permission to ship their puppies. Large scale breeders who forego this procedure are in violation of the USDA regulations.

Which hotels/motels do you recommend in the area?

My Brother and Sister n law own Mountain Fork Rentals LLC, "Cabins in the Country". Their country cabins are each on acreage, newly constructed, fully furnished 3 beds/2baths that can sleep 6. Their cabins are just minutes away from the lower Mountain Fork River, where you can fish for trout, go canoeing or kayaking and a few miles from the ever popular Broken Bow Lake and Beavers Bend Resort Park. At the lake, you can rent pontoon boats, jet skis, go ziplining, fishing for largemouth/smallmouth bass & crappie. Inside Beavers Bend Resort Park, you can fish for rainbow trout, swim, rent a paddleboat, go hiking. 

HiWay Inn Express is near the vet clinic, located at 1699 South Park Drive, Broken Bow, OK 74728. Call 580.584.7400 for reservations.

Microtel Inn & Suites by Wyndham is located closest to the vet clinic, at 1701 South Park Drive, Broken Bow, OK 74728. Call 580.584.7708 for reservations.

Lakeview Lodge is located 12 miles North of Broken Bow, at 678 Lakeview Lane. The lodge has hiking trails nearby and overlooks beautiful Broken Bow Lake. Call 580.494.6179 for reservations.

Hochatown County Lodge is located 8 miles North of Broken Bow, at 6613 North US HWY 259, Broken Bow, OK 74728. Call 580.494.6099 for reservations. 

Do you DNA test your breeding dogs? Do you offer a health guarantee on your puppies?

Our dogs are foreign import DNA tested as well as for PLL (Primary Lens Luxation) and SCA (Spinocerebellar Ataxia). All puppies come with a written one year health warranty, receive a vet exam, a copy of that screening as well as microchipped prior to going to their forever homes.

Do you breed rough/broken coats only?

Our dogs are 100% European direct imported and have either rough or broken coats. We do not breed for smooth coats.

Do you dock tails?

We adhere to the European Russell Terrier show quality standard and do not dock tails.

Do you remove Dewclaws?

Yes, we remove Dewclaws at 3-5 days of age.

The argument for removal states that dewclaws are a weak digit, barely attached to the leg, and thus they can rip partway off or easily catch on something and break, which can be painful and prone to infection.

What colors are available?

We concentrate on producing white with tan,and tri markings. 

What will we need for our trip home with our new puppy?

A bag of their current puppy food, as well as toys, and their health record. Buyers will need to bring their own carrier/pet taxi, lined with absorbent bedding, bottled water and food & water bowls.


Raising European Russell Terriers is our greatest reward.

Breeding European Russell Terriers remains our greatest responsibility.

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